About Us

Welcome to WIGI,

“You want it, you got it
Kicking up a riot
Won't you all sing along”

We are a dedicated and creative team that trying our best to share our soul to the world. By putting the creative and meaningful ideas into physical forms, we make them now can be seen, worn as well as given away. That is how WIGI is started.

At WIGI, we believe that personalization is the most powerful way to express your love to your beloved ones and “personalization” is what sets us apart from other competitors.

Customers’ happiness is our top priority for each and every gift we deliver. We put care into each detail that will make the item a heartfelt gift, yet they’re highly practical and also affordable. Thus, our mission is to help you find your perfect personalized gifts which make every occasion extra memorable.

With our customer-centric core value, we strongly believe that you'll receive high-quality products and only the best customer service.